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Mis Solutions

An 'MIS' is a organized system of the gathering, handling, saving and distributing information by means of information needed to bring out the features of management. In a way it is a recorded review of the actions those were organized and implemented. Today’s businesses produce amounts of data as they conduct their day to day business. With consistently modifying marketplaces and modifying business framework, it becomes a boring process to keep track of the produced information.

MIS Solutions for Business Houses Of Today:

Mitiz Technologies develops MIS solutions that combine facilities, recruiting, financial, support and servicing factors and increases performance and increases profit. MIS solutions should work with data to provide information beneficial for your business in enhancing its process, performance and productivity.

  • Accounting management information systems
  • Financial management information systems
  • Marketing management information systems
  • Human resources management information systems

Cutting Edge Advanced Solutions:

All the MIS that we create goes through the stages indexed by the Program Growth area before passing it over to the customer to make sure has the standard that Mitiz guarantees. It is vital for supervisors to stay informed about their specialty at all times. If the president wants updates about the revenue of previous times 3 years or the future forecasts, the revenue director can use MIS to provide these details.

Using the management details program the administrator can predict revenue for the next year depending on the current trends, buying choices and previous record. With our advanced program supervisors can make real-time forecasts and have the required details for a business bid. Every decision is depending on data, not on presumptions.

  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Management
  • Process Management
  • Invoice Generation and Accounting System
  • Integration with Sales and Post Sales System

Why Mitiz Technologies?

Mitiz’s world-class MIS is used by various industry areas for making more informed choices. We provide real-time details needed for making precise choices. Our program provides history, current details and research styles for supervisors to stay modified on every aspect of their business. The major advantage of using our management details product is that it helps businesses improve their performance. Managers use the details from MIS for making precise choices since they are equipped with details supported by statistics.

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