2021-12-16 06:19:17
10 Performance Optimization Tips For Angular JS Development

An AngularJS Development Company knows how the various businesses are running towards this framework. They prefer this framework because of its various properties and usefulness. It provides you with all the required tools and technologies to attain dynamic front-end web applications. These tools are necessary to approach web design and community support. An AngularJS consultancy makes the process of managing and building JavaScript applications easy.

Angular is based on the MVC model (Model-View-Controller). This is useful for creating single-page web apps. AngularJS development includes various benefits of handling DOM and AJAX. It offers the incredible tools to provide modular building blocks of JavaScript. Here are ten AngularJS development tips that several AngularJS development companies use –

1. Disable CSS

You can use a directive in AngularJS as an element or attribute. Additionally, if you do not want to use CSS class and comment directives, you can disable the CSS. Disabling them will lead you to better performance of the website. If you don’t do so, it takes time to get a load on the website for the texts and images. Therefore, it’s always preferable to make the websites lighter.

2. MVW Architecture

Most of the AngularJS development companies refer to MVW Architecture (Model-View-Whatever). This architecture is a blend of MVC and MVVW architecture that makes coding event-driven and unit testing amazing. Angular doesn’t require much work from the developers’ side. AngularJS connects various components and keeps them managed. It acts as a pipeline among the different layers that ultimately saves lots of time.

3. Less Use of DOM

The term DOM stands for Document Object Model that is a programming interface used in HTML and XML documents. DOM offers a structured representation of documents with defined ways of access. This allows the developer to manipulate the scripting language. Somehow, it is quite important to decrease the use of DOM as the heavy image and styles often take time to load. To avoid the slow loading of the website, it’s important to optimize things perfectly.

4. Disable Debug Data

Protractor and Batarang-like tools rely on data binding. Additionally, DOM elements are an important part of the overall process. For the developers, it becomes important to disable debugging extra data so that the performance gets boosted effectively.

5. Two-Way Data Binding

An AngularJS consultancy gathers everything that can make your website good. The AngularJS framework provides two-way data binding that developers use for seamless synchronization. Batarang the view layers and model.

6. Digest Cycle

Watcher is an important part of overall Angular Development. When a watcher is created, it keeps track of all the changes. The digest cycle is a function loop to contain the list of all the watchers of the application.

7. Use Filter Provider

Using the $filter provider helps the view by pre-processing the data before sending it. This further helps in skipping DOM parsing like a time-consuming process.

8. Scope Variable Tightly

It becomes quite important to scope all the variables tightly to free up the memory faster with a JavaScript garbage collector.

9. No Use of Ng-Repeat

An ng-repeat function can degrade the performance of web applications. Therefore, any AngularJS Development Company should avoid the function and use better alternatives.

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