MVP & Prototyping

Do you want to get a perception of your product before designing it? MVP and Protyping is a great way to do this.

MVP and prototyping give an insight into the look and feel of the conceptualized product. It helps you predict the execution outcomes when you would actualize a certain idea. In simpler words, you can foresee the future of the product. Isn’t it worthy? Indeed, it saves a quantum of time and effort.

Mitiz Technologies is reputed for its amazing MVP and prototyping services. We implement a meticulously-designed process to create an MVP/Prototype of your product and provide continuous feedback.

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Here's what we do

Knowing the requirement:

Our business analysts get in touch with you and understand your requirements in a detailed manner.Depending on the information gathered, we design a prototype for your product. A prototype is a preliminary version that illustrates your product. It displays the cons and pros that may emerge in advance of production.

Creating flowcharts and wireframes:

After the information collection, our experts create a wireframe for the product. A wireframe showcases the position of all the interface elements of the product under design. A flowchart displays the navigation flow for the product.

Creating Prototype Screens:

After the creation of flowcharts and wireframe for a particular product, our professionals commence with the process of creating prototype screens.

Linking Prototype Screens:

This is the most important step in the creation of the MVP and prototyping process.All the prototype screens are linked together to design a final product. Now you get a complete idea how will the product look like and how will it perform.

Our experts work collectively to provide you actionable feedback to address all the loopholes encountered during the MVP/prototyping phase. We help you come up with the best model so that you can win over investors.

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