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Hire us to build the best Kiosk software solutions and deploy, secure, manage, and monitor iOS, Windows, and Android devices with a kiosk software that will help you augment employee productivity and achieve maximum efficiency.

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Multi-Platform Kiosk Application Solutions

Lock the corporate-owned-devices in multi-app or single kiosk mode to configure them. Or, disable the non-business websites and apps to prevent device misuse and distraction of employees.Showcase your offering to your customers on interactive devices by transforming the devices in kiosk mode through our best kiosk software solutions.

Custom Kiosk Software Development Solutions for Business Needs

Enjoy complete control on the devices in your company with a solution designed for kiosk management and empower your IT admins for managing the kiosk-devices in real-time. While single-app-mode allows you to run application and/or website in a single application mode even if the deices reboot, multi-app-mode lets you manage multiple operation points remotely via a cloud-based-solution. Though remote-kiosk-management, on the other hand, you can efficiently manage multiple operation points remotely via a solution that is cloud-based. For example, you can lock and unlock device from anywhere using web-based-dashboard. The system also allows tracking of the locationof devices in real-time, customize their geo-fences and receive alerts in the event of geo-fence breach.

Digital Kiosk System Application

Why Should You Consider Mitiz for Your Kiosk Solution’s Development?

As a leading kiosk development services provider, we have helped thousands of businesses better manage mobility through impeccable kiosk solutions. Our mobile device management solution is revered among businesses with varying needs. The solutions we offer are fully secure, scalable, and robust.

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React native mobile app development is highly recommended for businesses that want create apps that look & feel great while delivering seamless performance. React native front end development service offered by Mitiz will leave you happily surprised when you see the number of your app users increasing like anything.

Custom Kiosk Software Development
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Kiosk lockdown app can be used for restricting access to unauthorized video streaming and other apps on the devices that are company owned. At the same time, you can track the location of devices in real-time.

Kiosk Application Solutions


Manage your devices (smartphones, tablets, POS systems, etc.) with Mitiz by rendering control to your admin to enable and disable apps on office devices remotely.

Other than these, education, healthcare, and other sectors can also benefit from kiosk solutions for intelligently and smartly managing and using their devices.

Kiosk Software Development


Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on school-owned devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.

Businesses of various sizes count on Mitiz for managing their endpoints and devices in an efficient manner. Whether you have hundreds, thousands, or numerous devices, Mitiz can create highly reliable, scalable, and robust kiosk solutions to help you better manage your devices and deploy the complexities.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us for custom kiosk software development and ensure better and efficient device management. You may schedule a demo to see if the solution is worthy for your business and decide better.

Kiosk Development Services We Offer

  • Kiosk hardware integration – Integrating hardware and software for fingerprint readers, biometric-retina-scanners, thermal/receipt printers, barcode scanners, ticketing systems, simple card-readers, etc.
  • Interactive kiosk services – Building interactive services that include animation, touch-screen functionality, graphics, digital signature, multimedia, camera apps, etc.
  • Self-service-kiosk-software – We build kiosk software solutions for self-service, ticketing, bill payment, retail apps, and more.
  • Photo-booth kiosk – We create kiosk solutions that include payment processing integration, social media, camera features, and more.

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Kiosk System Solutions

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