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Clients with legacy applications and software can continue to keep their set up software without restricting growth actions in more ideal areas. They can reallocate sources so as to increase ideal benefits of new technological innovation. With e-Zest’s overseas growth and support actions, customers can increase the value produced from their heritage programs.

Application maintenance and Support:

Mitiz’s experts are experienced in many heritage systems with both terminology and data source skills and are experienced in the use of many third party resources. Mitiz can duplicate the consumer atmosphere at its facilities in or it could use high-speed hyperlinks to utilize current capabilities at off-shore.

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Perfective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance

Software item providers can use Mitiz’s service to keep sustaining their present items while using their sources in building more recent editions of their items. They can handle the ramp-up and scale-down of initiatives that are required for highs and lows that are common of an item over its servicing pattern.

The product source can use the several experienced sources at e-Zest for specific skills without having to spend money on them. Mitiz can duplicate the consumer atmosphere at its facilities or it could use high-speed links to utilize current capabilities at client places.

Stable Software Maintenance and Support:

Our Software maintenance and support is designed to address your key issues on full accessibility and protected access. This permits you to focus on your primary actions and generate better efficiency. Our group chases continuous efficiency assessment and adjusting actions for programs under servicing. We use right mix of available resources and professional experience to allow your programs always execute better.

Our unique 24*7 application assistance and servicing services are designed to deliver maximum value to your company. A dedicated team of expert application professionals maintain for application improvements, remote tech assistance team, mistake managing to avoid any recovery time or performance issue so you can focus on your primary company functions. To support any application difficulties, our long-term constant servicing and real-time assistance experts expeditiously identify the predicament and take care of it.

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