What is patient management software?

Patient management software includes measures to manage family availability, track patients throughout the facility, be it a hospital or small healthcare clinic, and manage patient queues for various health care organizations.

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Why should you use patient management software?

When the patients are managed appropriately, your organization can put everything together for smooth operation management. Things like an appointment, doctor visit, billing records, prescriptions, and other patient information can be organized in one place for a smooth and efficient transition from one stage of care to another. This holistic approach leads to fewer errors and increases the value of patient care.

Patient management will also increase the accuracy of your staff (reduce the chances of errors), which benefits both directly and indirectly at the bottom of your dentistry clinic.

How does Mitiz Patient Management
Software Help in Dentistry?

  • clinic management system

    Patient management

    Schedule appointment (doctor, test, service, general resource), patient registration,

  • patient management system usa

    Cases Management

    ADT (admission, discharge, and transfer), and patient interaction.

  • Dentistry Management usa

    Schedule Appointments

    You can schedule appointments, send patient reminders, track missed appointments, and much more in one interface.

  • patient management software

    Manage Forms

    Digitize patients' electronic medical records and clinic interaction in a central location such as past appointments, treatment, billing, payment, prescription, medical documents, etc.

  • patient management

    Manage Multiple Clinics

    You can add clinics and manage multiple clinics' administrators simultaneously, from doctors to receptionists or front desk; you can manage all the things centrally from this module and control everything remotely.

  • patient management system

    Financial reporting

    Powerful analytics to help you analyze and improve your clinic's performance. Financial reports help maintain and check profits, expenses, and profits.

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    Payment Management

    Cash, Credit Billing, Rate Management, Credit Notice, Deposit, Claim Submission, and Claim Settlement.

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    User Manager

    This is the section where the admin can define users and provide access-based authorization.

What should you look at while choosing a patient management system?

Various patient management software is available in the market today— but not all are the same.

So, how to determine which is best for your dentistry clinic.

When opting for the best patient management software, compliance is one of the most important things you need to look at. HIPAA-compliant digital tools are not optional—make sure that the platform you choose strictly adheres to HIPAA rules and regulations.

Additionally, make sure the application provides secure encryptions, comes with backup plans or disaster recovery solutions, and is user- friendly. It will ensure that your staff's already busy days won't be spent on dealing with an onerous learning curve.

Furthermore, make sure that the system you choose also offers a communication channel and should be capable of keeping patients' records. Such features help build customer trust and make your relationship strong with the patients.

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Increase Staff Collaboration and Productivity with Mitiz

  • Run your business smoothly with Mitiz. Actions include patient registration, billing, clinical documentation, scheduling appointments, and much more.
  • You can quickly improve your employees' cooperation with integrated access to data and better control, thus improving their productivity and achieving better clinical results.

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