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Managing employee activity is one of the most important responsibilities of business owners, but it doesn’t have to be the most stressful. With the right HR Management Application system, employers can find peace of mind and more time to grow their business.

What is an HR Management Application System?

Simply put, an HR Management Application system is a process by which employers keep a record of their employees’ activities. Furthermore, it is necessary for Shifts Management, Payroll Management, Expense Management, Team Hierarchy Management, Leaves Management, Overtime Management, etc. They also demonstrate their commitment to their workers, fulfill their responsibilities to government agencies, and keep financial records in order.

Why is HR Management Application Important?

HR Management Application is an integral part of any business because it helps improve employee engagement and regulatory compliance. Without adequate and accurate means of paying employees, paying taxes, and keeping records of holidays, working hours, employers can face pay claims and additional penalties.

Key Modules
of the HR Management Application


It’s like home page of the software and display all the necessary information.

Departments Management

Here you get an idea about all the departments within the organization and how many people are working in those departments.

Manage Designations

This section shows information about the designation of different people working within the organization.


Here you can see information about holidays for the active year.

Payroll Management

The most important section that contain information about employees’ salaries.

Overtime Application

Here you can see the overtime request submitted by employees.

Punch Clock Request

This section display Punch In Punch Out timings of every employee.


Different reports about the organization can be seen here.

Leaves Management

Admin can manage leaves of the employees in this section.

Users Management

This is another section where admin can define users and their roles in the organization.

Expenses Management

The section is particularly defined to check and manage organizational expenses.

Visitors Management

Information about visitors can be seen in this section.


Overall settings of the portal can be managed from here.

Company Policies

The section that have information about all the company policies.

Stages of HR Management Application

Regardless of how employers manage payroll, there are generally three stages in the process:


Employers collect data related to pay periods based on specific company policies and regulatory requirements, including unpaid employee working hours, discount time (e.g., vacation, illness, jury duties, etc.), and staff adjustments, such as new jobs, termination of employment, salary increases. Or changes in tax deductions and tax deductions. This information is then verified and used for the payroll process.


Employers calculate the total salary earned by each employee during the pay period and make taxes and deductions, which results in a net wage. They also accumulate their tax liabilities for the same period.


Employers pay their salaries, taxes by the specified due date and process- related payments such as pay withholding orders. In addition, they compensate their employees with a salary stub or payroll, which is required in most jurisdictions.

Functions of an HR management application?

The following jobs are often required to proceed successfully in each stage of payroll management, paying attention to details and keeping a close eye on evolving rules:

  • Shifts Management
  • Team Hierarchy Management
  • Measure employee salaries
  • Compliance with payroll requirements
  • Manage Users & Authorizations etc
  • Leaves/Overtime Management
  • Payroll tax process

Benefits of Using HR Management Application?

  • Easy Employees Attendance Tracking
  • Accurate calculation
  • Compliance assistance
  • Access to Multi-facility
  • Keeping detailed records
  • Automated Services
  • Reduce Errors
  • Automatic notifications

How to Choose an HR Management System?

A proper HR management system can generally provide accurate and timely payroll processing and tax filing services supported by expert knowledge and integrated technology. To find such a solution, business owners should ask the following questions:

  1. Is the expenditure budget or estimate appropriate for the increase?
  2. What is the reputation and level of experience of the service provider?
  3. How secure is the service?
  4. Is the software compatible with other software?
  5. What are the reporting capabilities?

How MITIZ Technologies Can Help Companies?

Our flexible and affordable solutions can help organizations save time and money with features like:

  • Automatic calculation of salaries and taxes
  • User-friendly self-service apps for employees
  • Payment Flexible Payment Options - Paycheck, Direct Deposit, Payment Card
  • Withholding taxes and payments on behalf of the customer
  • Comp support with compliance issues and reporting requirements
  • Time-tracking and hassle-free integration with HR software

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