2020-10-09 22:34:52
5 Benefits of WordPress Website Development

Do you know around 455,000,000 websites across the globe are using WordPress right now? Surprising! Isn’t it? The demand for custom WordPress website development services is growing by leaps and bounds. WordPress has got close to 60% market share among all content management systems. If you are planning to start a new WordPress website, then read on to know why your decision is right.


WordPress sites are very scalable and you need not worry about performance even if you add thousands of pages or blog posts. Multiple users can use your website and you can choose and assign access levels and roles to each user.

2. WordPress Plugins

There are various types of WordPress plugins available to extend the functionality of your website. You can choose from more than 40,000 plugins for different needs like contact form, video gallery, event calendar, XML sitemaps and so on. You can install, activate or deactivate them anytime you want, without the help of in-house expertise. However, if you cannot work with existing plugins or templates and need to create a robust website, you must hire a developer from the best WordPress website development company.

3. Boost your SEO

WordPress favours search engine optimisation with its built-in search function. You can increase the visibility of your site online with the keyword-rich URLs, titles, descriptions, tags and meta tags on content. Other facilities to add email subscriptions and recent blog posts to other pages of the site can make your site more dynamic and interactive. These WordPress features help visitors easily find you, which can impact your Google rank.

4. Ease of use

WordPress is browser-based, so you can access your site from any computer. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can easily add new pages or change posts or images as per the need. Guess what? You don’t need HTML or FTP editing software. The simple technology and built-in blogging capabilities save time on formatting. What more? You have complete control of your site, which is 100% customizable. You can always change the look and feel of your blog to offer the best user experience.

5. Large community support

WordPress being open source it is easy to upgrade. You can add new pages or makes changes in the code to completely customize your site. With every new update, you can enjoy new features, themes, and lower security flaws. There are a lot of developers working on similar and different issues, so you can easily fix your problems as they arise.

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