2020-12-06 02:49:40
5 Useful Tools To Track User Behaviour in Your Mobile App

How can you improve your customer experience when you have no idea about how users react to your mobile app? Every customer has different needs so their behaviour is hard to predict. They may uninstall the app for very silly reasons and that is something you cannot afford. Why not track user behaviour? You can discover and eliminate technical glitches, improve the user experience and drive more conversions.

Here are some analytics tools to track user behaviour:

1. Session Recording

This is a brilliant method to track every click of the mobile app user right from the first session. You can avail the route of the users’ activity, every tap or scroll on the screen and subsequent actions. If a user doesn’t make a purchase but keeps going back and forth between the same screens or the bounce rate is going high, you can figure out the loopholes.

By comparing the session recording of the new users and returning users you can figure out which features are working well and the areas of improvement. By detecting the cause of app abandonment you can take actions to increase retention.

2. Navigation Path

Navigation path allows you to track the user behaviour in your app. You can identify if users are able to - smoothly install the app, navigate multiple screens, make the purchase, and complete the payment.

You can monitor new and returning users if there is an issue with the layout, app installations or payments. Such information will help you fix any issue regarding layout or navigation or usability issues with the help of best mobile app development agency.

3. Touch Heatmaps

You can use heatmaps to figure out issues on onboarding screens, evaluate screens that users are directed to after receiving push notifications and analyse the check-out process of your mobile app to find unresponsive gestures or hidden issues.

This qualitative and visual tool helps you discover complex gestures of the users, understand usability issues immediately, and take steps to improve user experience. Traditional analytics methods don’t reveal how users are behaving inside the app and frustration points.

4. Action Cohorts

The best way to find user engagement issues is Action cohorts. This tool helps you analyse each action of the user in relation to another and understand the pattern in the user behaviour. Action cohort data reveals user behaviour between two specific sets of actions (like first and second in-app purchases) over a certain course of time.

The cohort analysis will help you chalk out the type of user behaviour to encourage and what sort of measures can prevent users from abandoning the app after creating an account. However, you must hire an experienced mobile app development agency to accomplish this complex process in the long run.

5. Conversion Funnel

This tool helps you track user behaviour by providing you with a clear breakdown of each stage of the funnel. So, you can be sure of where the users are dropping out and which areas of the app are affecting - onboarding, payment, in-app purchases and the conversion rate.

These are some tools to track user behaviour and save time and cost of additional rounds of testing. Unlike interviews where bias is the major obstacle, these powerful tools help you closely monitor user behaviour and detect even the smallest issues that affect user experience. Watching your app from a user’s perspective will disclose crucial factors that impact UX.

Once you have detected issues and errors in your mobile app, contact the best mobile app development services, fix the problem forever and drive the business growth.

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