2020-09-30 22:41:26
6 Key Elements of an Effective Ecommerce Website Development

The only way to woo crazy online buyers is impressive ecommerce website design, rich in features, looks good, intuitive to use and backed by powerful coding skills. A well-thought-out ecommerce website design is all you need for your online store to thrive. Because it is the first point of interaction between you and your customer.

Here are some important aspects to know, if you are planning to create an ecommerce website.

1. Have the Right Platform and A Functional Theme

There are various free and paid themes available but you must keep in mind your target audience and niche. Look for a robust platform to build a multi-channel or omnichannel website. You can then select the most appropriate theme that is easy to customize, loads quickly, responsive and works on all browsers. Your conversions will thank you if you have a classy brand logo, perfect layout, beautiful banners and smart search elements.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

More the online visibility of your website more will be traffic. SEO is important to make your site Google-friendly, increase online exposure and page rank. Shoppers can find you easily if you are ranking on Google’s first page. However, you need a quick loading and high performing site to retain high traffic.

3. Responsive website design

Old is gold, but this cannot be applied to your website themes. You must go for a theme and ecommerce website design that is highly responsive and compatible with mobile, tablets and other devices. Otherwise, you will miss 50% of your potential customers. Because, in the last three years, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches for shopping and other activities.

4. Use high-quality images and videos

High-quality visually appealing images with zoom in/out options increase conversion rate by 40% and in the case of ecommerce this factor is extremely crucial. Because buying a product without seeing its 360-degree view or video is a big NO. Low-quality images can give a bad impression about product quality or a brand and kill sales. No compromise!

5. Create scannable content

Online shoppers live catchy and simple content. You can convert more customers with easy to scan content such as bulleted lists than with longer product descriptions. This will motivate customers to make quick buying decisions. Features like translation into different languages or easy symbols for add to cart will help people predict what is written even when not aware of the language on your site.

6. Easy navigation

Too many options will always clog your mind! To increase your click-through rate, you must provide a simple product category page, where people can view a list of products and subproducts using a smooth sidebar and filters like colour, brands, size etc. Avoid irrelevant elements that can clutter your page. Too many clicks to order a product can kill the user’s enthusiasm and lower conversions. Even minor technical glitches can incur a loss.

Are you ready for your ecommerce website design? 

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