2021-08-04 05:44:45
6 React JS Development Framework Mistakes That Are Costing You Business

The app industry has become a lucrative opportunity for various businesses to get an audience and attract them. React JS mobile development is a part of the application and it has covered a major portion of the app industry. A business owner can reap the benefits from the mobile applications and create a great future React JS development. But a few things can spoil all the efforts, taken with an efficient React JS developer.

A minor mistake can be proved disastrous to a business. Developers aim to create a glitch-free appl with React JS application development. Some loopholes in the development process can create obstacles for businesses. 6 such mistakes are listed here to be handled carefully for a fruitful result –

1. Creating the Wrong Project Structure

A proper project structure paves the way to overall React JS mobile development. If a developer failed to provide it, the complete project suffers. An incorrect project structure is hard to optimize. A versed React JS developer organizes the project’s files and folders to give life to overall development. A good project structure is one that contains the current issues along with the prospects. Implementing the best structure will give the best React JS development to the developers as well.

2. Incorrect Project Estimation

Firstly, Android and iOS versions are altogether different. Thus, React JS application development for these two should be performed separately. This further allows the developers to use several components interchangeably for both platforms. Considering everything minutely, incorrect estimation of project development can cause last time bustles for the coders.

3. Ignoring Image Optimization

An inefficient React JS developer may ignore image optimization. Optimizing images is necessary to proceed with development. Since the application must perform fluently, image optimization becomes important that makes your app lightweight. This further propels the overall development and accelerates the performance of the application. This should be a high-priority task. React Native images are optimized locally and uploaded to cloud storage.

4. Inefficient Redux Store Planning

Effective application management is crucial for React JS mobile development. Redux is a tool that allows storing data properly and manages heavier applications. Redux helps to avoid any further troubles. Using Redux can also increase the workload. Developers must use it with accurate planning to make it comprehensive for small to big projects.

5. Leaving console.log statements

A bug-free application is important for a smooth run. In this way, developers must find the bugs and fit them effectively. If a React JS based not working as expected, there must be some bugs to be fixed with an unerring approach as they can create adverse impacts on the fluency of the application. Console.log statements are very useful for such situations. Leaving this statement while React JS development may put the developers in trouble and fixing. One notable point is to remove these statements before the final delivery of the project as it can also slow down the speed of application.

6. Improper Code of External Modules

React Native projects may include external modules to be used for better performance. Developers often implement the code of external modules to create something more appealing. But without proper verification of code, the application’s performance may suffer. It can lag and the execution can also cause trouble. Developers must ensure the proper validation of external modules.

If you successfully avoid the above-mentioned 6 React JS application development mistakes, you can save a lot of time and can complete the project easily. Mitiz Technologies owns the expertise to handle the projects for a smooth run. The development process is performed meticulously to ensure that there is no such mistake to bar your business’s growth.

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