2020-09-15 19:15:50
6 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

With the help of the best web design company, you have created a eCommerce website that is mobile-friendly, has an elegant look and is loaded with smart search elements, intuitive features and high-quality product images. You have got a stylish shop layout, awesome mega menu and other aspects that can quickly engage customers.  Is that enough to drive the sales you want? There are various other small factors to take care of that can make a huge impact on your business.

Here are a few tips to boost the performance and sales of your eCommerce website:

1. Be on social media

You need to go wherever your buyer’s hangout and social media is their favorite spot. Promote your products with cool pics on all social media platforms and expand your reach and start to build a database.,

2. Reviews or testimonials

Reviews are far more effective than word of mouth! In this digital era, online reviews are not just a source of the free advertisement but a tool to improve online brand reputation, customer trust and confidence, which translates into more sales. Online reviews boost conversion rates as well as your search engine rankings. So embrace reviews!

3. Security and trust

Money and personal data are very precious! Buyers need assurance of safe payment and secured transaction and to build that trust you need to display signs of credibility on your website. So, choose a payment getaway that is right for your business. And use advanced technologies to avoid a breach of sensitive data. Trust logos or badges and secured checkout will enhance the sense of trust of your eCommerce website and drive more sales.

4. Stay tuned with Google Analytics

Business without SEO is dead! Because studies have shown that about 91.5% of search engine click-through occur on the first page of search results. No SEO means your website will not rank on the first page of Google and the second page or beyond is the best place for hiding a dead body. Stay tuned with Google Analytics report to keep track of what your customers actually want. You can modify and optimize your product pages accordingly!

5. Free returns

This needs no explanation! Free return of clothes always attracts customers and that is the common strategy of all the eCommerce giants. Free returns give confidence to users and the seamless shopping experience is the key to returning customers.

6. Estimated delivery time

This helps buyers to plan out things and make a quick shopping decision. People who may need a product on a very urgent basis that is within 24 or 48 hours can place an order immediately.

These are some basic things that can help your eCommerce business to go a long way. Stay assured, you will not be disappointed. Aside from that, make sure you have chosen your platform wisely and it will scale/adapt as your business grows. If not, then consult a professional to avoid heavy cost in the long run.

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