2021-11-08 22:56:39
A Few Important Tips for CakePHP Developers

What do you plan to hire CakePHP developer? Do you look for the experience to hire dedicated PHP developer? You may consider the years of experience as an important aspect of deciding whether the developer will be able to do the required task or not. But the fact is a bit different as years may not define how smartly the developer works. There are tips and tricks that a developer can opt for building the application.

Know CakePHP

If you hire PHP developer, you must be aware of CakePHP as well. CakePHP is a popular framework that PHP developers often prefer to develop applications. CakePHP is the best tool for reliable and secure PHP development. You must hire CakePHP programmer who is able to cover all the possibilities of application. Here’s what needs to be there to hire CakePHP developer –

• Page building without models

The CakePHP developers prefer to create the views in the page folder. This further allows them to get the action called for all the pages at runtime. They avoid setting dedicated controllers for each added static page. This trick saves a lot of time and reduces the several possible efforts involved in the overall development process. It is a useful technique for the developers that they include for instant CakePHP development.

• Table management

When you hire dedicated PHP developer, the person should be aware of the basics of table creation. The developer must know about the table contents’ modifications along with the appending. The CakePHP programmer must know how to deal with the tables in the overall development process. Sometimes, developers find it difficult to work with tables and their basic (actually essential) information. In case, the developer failed to amend the data in the table, the deletion of cache files works better. There are a few codes that can help the developers to get the pre-defined table format.

• Rectification of errors

You should hire CakePHP programmer, who can work great to rectify the errors. The developers can use pr($this->validationErrors) command in coding. This will help them to find and rectify the errors promptly, before or during saving the file. The developers also add this before the save() command if the function doesn’t return any opt values. This process (or command) will give a sure response to the development and will further help you to save the file.

Keep an eye on the cache

After deploying all the tips and tricks of CakePHP development, if something still lacks, you need to think. The developers should look into the cache to ensure a smooth run. When a developer makes changes in the application but that still fails to reflect, it is time to check the cache. The application disregards the changes as the things are there in the cache. Your adjustments may take time to reflect; don’t forget to clean the cache. After clearing the cache, the application will be able to discover the changes you made. Cleaning the cache and removing the data from app/tmp/cache will help you getting the changes done. The skilled developers concentrate on cache if any unusual thing appears on the application.

Your CakePHP developer may be talented enough to understand and explore through the framework. A few tips and tricks can serve you in a much better way. Mitiz Technologies owns the best CakePHP developers who know how to adopt those tricks to form the best solution. When you hire PHP developer, you will get the most skilled and experienced advice here. The developers focus on flawless coding with intense coding processes. This will also improve the perfection of your business presence.

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