2021-03-09 09:56:49

During the pandemic and amidst lockdown along with social distancing, the only option we had is to buy everything online. Whether it is sanitizers or medicines, grocery items, fruits and vegetables or everything else, an eCommerce portal was something that we all were looking for. Thus, whenever there is a su...

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2020-12-21 02:14:18

Managing your ecommerce store is a daunting task. You may have various ecommerce development solutions to ease selling and business management. How to tackle the increasing data sources and business data? If you cannot control the big data, you cannot improvise your user experience. Manual handling of data cr...

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2020-11-05 04:05:14

Being one of India's best eCommerce website development companies, Mitiz provides satisfactory solutions to various industries. Delivering eCommerce development services for many years, we have an experienced and expert team of web designers and developers specializing in consulting, designing, and developing...

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