2020-09-28 02:33:43
Challenges of Integrating AngularJS With WordPress

AngularJS is an open-source javascript framework by Google that helps you build dynamic web applications. With advanced and robust MVVM architecture, this is a popular framework for front end applications. There is a growing demand for Angular Js development company because of multiple advantages of this framework like creating single-page applications, real-time applications, fast prototyping of apps, automatic testing and improving user experience with two-way data binding.

Connecting with WordPress is one of the top uses of AngularJs as it supports the front-end of complex websites. AngularJs serves the WP contents and helps you to improve the performance of WP-powered webpages. Angular Js-WordPress pairing can be done in various ways and the most appropriate way depends on the developer’s purpose.

Angular Js integration with WordPress comes with certain challenges and you must be aware of it before hiring an Angular Js development expert.


There aren’t many authentication methods available to relay WordPress data to Angular applications. REST API only supports cookie-based authentication, but too many complications will not arise as long as your app’s front-end and back-end are hosted on the same services.


SEO is vital to boost the visibility of your website online and WordPress offers multiple features to make your site SEO-friendly. But, if you outsource the markup of the page to Angular Js you may lose some of the benefits of built-in SEO toolkit in WP. And, to resolve this issue you can opt for Yoast SEO and integrate into the single page application.

Statically generated pages

Angular Js doesn’t support static page generation, which is important to maintain security and performance. However, it may support if you are using third-party tools.

Content preview mode

You may lose the content preview feature on WordPress when integrating with Angular Js (if you are using the decoupled app). This can be resolved as you can decouple traditional front- and back-end interfaces using headless CMS. This will help you create content that isn't tethered to a specific platform.

Experts say that the future of Angular Js-WordPress-pairing is quite bright and this is an efficient way to increase the speed of your online platform. Some exciting changes are coming up for both Angular Js and WordPress. Angular.js 2.0 will focus more on speed, fast data binding cycle, and improved efficiency of change detection. Also, in the next 2-3 years, WordPress CMS is sure to become more Angular-friendly.

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