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Google's Latest Android Release - Android Oreo

Google's Latest Android Release - Android Oreo. After the months-long beta program, Android 8.0 has finally been completely launched and propelled on August 21. Till now, it is taking off just to the individuals who have a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, Sony Experia XZ1 android phones. In any case, it is probably going to hit numerous more handsets before the current year's over according as far as anyone is concerned. Till it goes to your cell phone and you get a chance to encounter it yourself, we should talk about its awesome highlights and features from both the user as well as developer's perspective:

Features of Android Oreo that are making it more tastier for android users

1.Picture in Picture Mode
Google has introduced new picture-in-picture mode functionality which is a standout amongst the most helpful changes. This new feature will enable android users to keep watching videos on a little virtual screen while completing stuff inside different applications. Google says that applications will have the capacity to place themselves in picture-in-picture mode. The thought is to make you ready to watch a YouTube video while you are sending messages in the another google application.

2.Astonishing Text Selection Options
Android has made filling information and defeating the circumstances of overlooking passwords significantly simpler with this fascinating feature. Oreo has propelled machine learning algorithms which can without much of a stretch perceive which part of the text is email, address, contact number etc. With this potential, the new Android form can offer better recommendations which suggest better outcomes with lesser endeavors. If you want to develop an Android app and want to incorporate this new feature then you can hire Android developers which are experts in their domain.

3.Notification Channels And Dots
The notifications framework is overhauled to give a simpler and powerful approach to oversee notification behavior and, in addition settings. Android Oreo presents support for showing dots on the application launcher icons. The notification dots will imply the nearness of a notice not yet reacted by the user. You can long press on the dot to play out an activity without opening the application.

4.Adaptive Icons - An Amazing Feature For Developers
Google has acquainted Adaptive icons with manage the issue of various states of symbols utilized by the application drawers. The 'Adaptive Icons' is a two-layer symbol pack standard that would make it less demanding for the developers to discover unfaltering quality while serving flighty abilities like simple movements and animations. Since each of the icons will be submitted as two square layers and pierced into a custom shape by the gadget/launcher's veil, it should give a synchronized appearance to the applications.

5. Better Color Management Option
Any Android Development Company would now be able to give better imaging application experience to the clients. This is on the grounds that the imaging applications would now be able to take the advantages of new gadgets that have a wide array RGB color space. The versatile applications can show the wide-extent pictures by empowering a banner in their show and load bitmaps with an installed wide shading profile.

There is no issue in that Android always launches some awesomeness, but this time it is really rocking!
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