2021-07-17 04:30:55
How to Hire a CakePHP Developer in 2021?

Do you want to hire CakePHP developer for your organization? Every CakePHP project demands a different set of skills. So, you need a high-performing candidate that is the best fit for your organizational fabric. Isn't it? But, how do you ensure you have hired a dedicated CakePHP developer? Read on to know!

CakePHP is a capable PHP web development framework that uses excellent tools like MVC architecture and Object-oriented programming. With this open-source framework, it is easier and faster to develop web applications. And that is why CakePHP developers always have high demand across the globe. But, there is a shortage of proficient and experienced candidates.

If you are in urgent need of the best CakePHP programmer, then identify and hire a PHP developer who is passionate about working with PHP and has a knack for the CakePHP framework. Check out if the candidate holds the following skillset.

Here’s is the skill-set required in a CakePHP developer:

  1. A. In-depth knowledge of PHP and CakePHP
  2. B. CakePHP web applications development with MVC
  3. C. Cloud Solutions and CakePHP Component Development
  4. D. Core PHP and HTML5
  5. 3. CakePHP Customization
  6. F. Cross-browser application development
    G. CakePHP Ajax based shopping cart development

What are the other things to consider before hiring a CakePHP programmer?

  • A. Working experience in CakePHP’s object-relational mapping and Object-oriented Programming
  • B. Knowledge of SQL/NoSQL databases - their development and management, and their declarative query languages
  • C. Knowledge of “Fat Model, Skinny Controller” approach
  • D. Ability to create database schemas for business processes
  • E. Familiarity integrating multiple databases into one system
  • F. Experience developing data-driven web applications
  • G. Knowledge of agile development methods
  • H. Data modelling
  • I. Data mining
  • J. Ability to work faster even in the agile work environment
  • K. Understand data safety and implementations of NDA

  • CakePHP developers having all the above-mentioned skills and experiences can develop dynamic, intuitive, and bespoke web applications.

    Outsourcing: If you are too busy to conduct an interview and hire PHP developer or think the process is very daunting, then another time-saving option is outsourcing.

    You can take help from an experienced agency to hire CakePHP programmers. However, make sure the agency meets the following criteria to be 100% sure that it can fill the talent gap of CakePhp developers.

  • A. A robust database of experienced CakePhp developers
  • B. Ability to map the right developer to the right work profile
  • C. Facility to hire dedicated PHP developers from off-shore areas
  • D. Affordable recruitment model
  • E. Reliable client-side maintenance services
  • F. Relentless technical support to address your queries anytime

  • Considering the current COVID crisis, the other best option is to hire CakePHP developers online. You can create a team of virtual developers and execute the project as you do it with in-house developers. This is also the best way to hire remote talent and maintain secure virtual workspaces.

    Let Mitiz Technologies Help you!

    Mitiz Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, leading web and software development company with numerous successful projects. Popular for custom PHP development services, Mitiz assures quality, complete support and maintenance, and client satisfaction. We can help you create your team - Hire CakePHP developer and PHP developer from Mitiz.

    Our developers are trained to create scalable solutions. They own the responsibility of managing all the back-end services, are familiar with interchanging data between the server and the user. And also ready to work according to your schedule and preference.

    We have CakePHP developers for –

  • A. Custom CakePHP web development
  • B. CakePHP CMS development
  • C. Shopping cart development
  • D. CakePHP extension development
  • E. Cake PHP migration
  • F. CakePHP support and maintenance

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