2022-06-19 08:05:50

PHP is recently a very popular programming language in the market. although it is not a nascent programming language, the top web development companies like Mitiz Technologies believe that this language will continue to dominate the world of web development in the coming years. It is undoubtedly one of the to...

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2022-05-24 01:46:45

Every business owner knows well that an impeccable digital presence is mandatory to survive in the competitive market. Standing in 2022, you have to hire dedicated CakePHP developers to develop diverse web applications. With so many programming languages buzzing in the industry, PHP still manages to retain t...

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2022-04-05 02:35:43

The PHP programming language, in spite of its popularity, does have some issues. Though these issues aren't glaring or showstopping, they do pose problems for developers creating complex web applications with them. The CakePHP framework offers solutions to those problems and more, and hiring a CakePHP program...

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2022-03-17 04:54:24

A PHP developer can be an app creator to a full-on programming wizard. Still, before you hire dedicated PHP developers, you need to know what your role will be in their success and how to evaluate their work and capabilities. Is this your first time hiring dedicated PHP developers? Don't fret! This guide will...

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2022-03-13 03:49:56

A while back, building websites was straightforward. Anyone could build a primary webpage with HTML and CSS, but then frameworks like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP came along to revolutionize the process. At the same time, these frameworks made it easy to develop user-friendly sites. They hire a dedicated PHP dev...

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