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Top 10 AngularJS Development Tools

When someone talks about AngularJS development, the first thing that comes to mind is the tool. You must discuss the tools and technologies with your AngularJS Development Company and team. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework. It offers model-view-controller (abbreviated MVC) and model-view-view-model (abbreviated MVVM) structural designs. AngularJS simplifies the overall app development by offering components for creating highly responsive internet applications.

An AngularJS consultancy should provide the best benefits of the usage of this framework. It guides the development team throughout the process, from designing UI to scripting the logic. Here are the top 10 tools that AngularJS development companies use –

1. Protractor

Protractor is a framework that is used for superior app development. It offers end-to-end testing capabilities and allows testing on a real browser. A protractor is a great tool for Angular and Non-Angular applications. It is easy to set up and offers automatic AngularJS development.

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is an open-source and behavior-driven development (abbreviated BDD) framework that AngularJS development companies use to test JavaScript code. It has a clean syntax to write. It can run on any JS-empowered stage. It makes testing and debugging easy. You can now run your browser tests and NodeJS tests including the same framework.

3. Mean

It is an open-source framework and full-stack JavaScript resolution. It aids in building manageable construction and allows to write (or amend) reusable codes. An AngularJS Development Company includes this tool as a blend of configured modules like Passport and Mongoose.

4. Karma

Most of the AngularJS development companies use Karma as the preferred tool. It offers flexibility in coding on browsers, phones, and tablets. It works with approx all types of browsers. Karma is an efficient framework with the help of a command line (or IDE). It gets easily integrated with Semaphore, Jenkins, and Travis.

5. Mocha.js

Mocha.js is a feature-rich framework that offers testing support. It has a global leak detection capability along with the ultimate browser capability. It is adjustable with broadcasting and mapping. It runs on Node.js and browser and it further sanctions asynchronous testing with its numerous in-built features.

6. AngularFire

It is an evident-based certified library that is used for Angular and Firebase. AngularJS consultancy uses it to examine the performance of the application. It allows storing data offline. It supplies the best IDE for AngularJS development with a 3-way data binding, rapid development, and flexible API capabilities.

7. Webstorm

This robust IDE supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It simplifies the functions with an extensive array of technologies. An AngularJS Development Company refers to it as a one-stop AngularJS development IDE that is also recognized as the finest coding aid. It includes intelligent code completion and a text editor.

8. Ment.io

Ment.io is another important tool that provides programmers flexibility. This jQuery independent tool supports mentions as well as macros widgets. When it comes to any selectable content data sources and components, Ment.io can be directly applied.

9. Code Orchestra

An AngularJS consultancy uses this dynamic Angular material tool to build the front-end. It allows the programmers to write code live-style, where you can modify the code and save it promptly. The result appears at that time by using a few protocols.

10. Angular-Seed

It is a skeleton of your typical AngularJS application. You can apply it for application projects set up as a blueprint. It will help you get the final product.

You cannot deny the worth of tools in AngularJS development. Mitiz Technologies deploys the best AngularJS tools to form the best solution for your business. Here, the AngularJS programmers are well-versed in serving their skills to the clients in the form of well-featured applications.

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