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TOP Angularjs Development Frameworks You Must Use for Scalable Web Development

AngularJS is being used predominantly in the web development arena. Major brands such as Netflix, PayPal, and Udemy have deployed AngularJS to create their applications.

How Did Angularjs Become Such a Giant?

The credit goes to advanced features such as robust code quality and testability.

All the above-mentioned AngularJS frameworks help you create advanced web applications easily and quickly.

Over time, different frameworks of AngularJS have been rolled out to cater to the dynamic needs of design and development.

Let’s Dive Deep to Know About the Famous Angularjs Frameworks:

Supersonic: Supersonic can be described as a hybrid UI framework that contains CSS, JavaScript, and web-based components. It is also known as an agnostic framework as it allows you to incorporate different web components with other frameworks for advanced personalisation.

You can use Supersonic to design hybrid applications and interactive interfaces. It allows you to use Angular JS directives and offer single-page application navigation.

Ionic: Ionic features a rich library of UI components and Ionic creator. The Ionic creator is an intuitive interface that allows you to drag and drop all the elements, thereby simplifying the design process.

Take advantage of the wide selection of themes and plugins that help you create appealing web pages.

Ionic development is low-priced. This makes it a preferred choice for start-ups who intend to escalate their business. However, Ionic doesn’t work smoothly with slow devices.

Mobile Angular UI: Mobile Angular UI is one of the simplest and lightweight AngularJS development frameworks. It is loaded with rich web components such as scrollable areas, sidebars, and switches. You get access to libraries such as fastclick.js and overthrow.js.

Mobile Angular UI comes with a steep learning curve. It doesn’t offer too much documentation and lacks community support. Thus, beginners need to put in efforts to master Mobile Angular UI.

Angular UI BootStrap: Angular UI BootStrap is a lightweight framework that reduces to 20KB upon compression.

The framework features a rich array of UI components such as date picker, color picker, dropdowns, and carousels.

It offers dedicated community support, therefore making it easy for the learners to learn.

LumX: LumX is a feature-rich platform-independent framework that facilitates the development of flexible web applications. It implements the MVC architecture and obeys all the guidelines of Google Material Design.

The usage of jQuery in LumX boosts the efficiency of web applications. You don’t get much community support.

Onsen UI: Rolled out in 2013, Onsen is built on Topcoat which is a free-source component library. You can use Onsen to design trustworthy and high-speed web and mobile applications.

Onsen offers support for jQuery and AngularJS and features high-performing IDEs.

Radian: Radian is a preferred framework to build complex and high-performing applications. It is an open-source platform that uses data-based code modules.

Radian uses the asynchronous module definitions that reduce page errors and boost website performance.

Apart from these, Suave UI, Angular Foundation, and Angular Material, and Protractor are some of the other unmatched AngularJS frameworks.

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