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Vue.js vs. AngularJS: Which is Better in 2021?

AngularJS development is always in high demand. But, the most confusing thing for developers in 2021 is choosing between Vue.js Vs. Angular. Read this blog to understand both the frameworks well and what are their strengths and weaknesses. So, you can choose the framework that best suits your project and requirements. Those looking for expert help can approach the best AngularJS development company or Vue.Js development company, based on the insights from the blog.

Angular is the full-fledged JavaScript framework based on TypeScript. This framework size is 563KB min+gzip. It comes with MVC architecture and built-in libraries. It is ideal for building enterprise and progressive apps and apps that need dynamic content.

Angular comes with full-stack solutions that help mobile app developers in AngularJS development company to fulfill their requirements. Angular is a very structured and systematic front-end framework than other frameworks in the market.

On the other hand, Vue.js is the progressive JavaScript front-end framework of size - 33.30KB min+gzip and is newly emerging in the field. It is loaded with all the components and functionalities that a developer needs for creating apps full of animations and interactive elements.

Assuming That You Have A Crystal Clear Understanding Of MVC Structure, Let’s Discuss How Vue.Js And Angular Work.

Angular framework functions on MVC structure but is not free of complexities in its functioning. MVC pattern is implemented in HTML and JavaScript. The view is defined in HTML, and the model and controller are implemented in JavaScript.

Angular uses incremental DOM, which means even for a single change the whole tree structure of HTML is redefined. If there are changes (like updates in browser events or module changes) in the user interface, the two-way data binding ensures all the updates are done immediately on both ends.

On the other hand, Vue.js, focuses on the ‘View’ aspect of mobile app development and is inspired by MVVM architecture pattern. Vue.js links DOM and the view part with the view instance and the Model-view part. Vue.js uses a data binding system to bind these two parts, which provides your application with the data it needs.

Let see examples Code using Angular for hello world

<div ng-app="">
<p>Input something in the input box:</p>
<p>Name : <input type="text" ng-model="name" placeholder="Enter name here"></p>
<h1>Hello world {{name}}</h1>

Code using Vue.js for hello world

Provide data
const data = {
message: “Hello World! “
The view
<div id =”app”>
The view model
myObject = new Vue({
el: “#app”,
data: data

Pros of Vue.js
  • 1. Small app size
  • 2. Easy to learn
  • 3. Community support
  • 4. Virtual DOM rendering and performance
  • 5. Reactive Two-way data binding
  • 6. Single-File components and readability
  • 7. Integration capabilities and flexibility
  • 8. Ease of choosing language between HTML, JS or JSX
  • 9. Concise documentation
Cons of Vue.js
  • 1. Not ideal for large scale projects
  • 2. Shortage of highly experienced experts
  • 3. Difficulties with mobile support
  • 4. Reactivity complexity
  • 5. Language barrier, limited resources
  • 6. Code flexibility can be excessive
Pros of Angular
  • 1. Supported by Google, trustworthy program
  • 2. Faster load time
  • 3. Great dependency injections
  • 4. AOT compiler - Ahead of Time
  • 5. Real DOM, entire page rendering with every update
  • 6. Excellent support for third-party integrations
  • 7. One-way and two-way data binding
  • 8. Fully customizable framework
Cons of Angular
  1. 1. Steep learning curve
  2. 2. Not ideal for basic bapp solutions
  3. 3. Limited SEO benefits
  4. 4. Poor accessibility for search engine crawlers

As you can see both frameworks have their advantages and limitations. What is your next upcoming project? Did you chalk out which framework to choose? If you still have any confusion, get in touch with Mitiz Technologies, one of the best AngularJS development companies in India.

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