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What are the Differences Between Codeigniter and CakePHP?

Talking about the PHP framework, both CakePHP and CodeIgniter are gaining popularity. But, if you are wondering which framework is most suitable for your web development needs, then read on to know the differences between CakePHP and CodeIgniter. Understanding the features or functionalities of both frameworks will help you decide whether to hire CakePHP developer or not.

CakePHP is an open-source, rapid development framework for PHP, based on MVC architecture, and follows ORM (Object Relational Mapping) techniques. It is like a foundational structure for developers to develop web applications without losing flexibility.

On the other hand, CodeIgniter is an application development framework for creating dynamic websites using PHP. It includes out-of-the-box libraries, tools, and plug-ins. CodeIgniter implements a modified version of the MVC design pattern. Ensures easier configuration, hassle-free migration. Also, it is not a big deal to add new functionality.


As you can see both the frameworks are based on MVC architecture. Please remember that when you hire CakePHP programmer, they cannot build the project without a model so the whole process becomes fast and flexible. But, developers using CodeIgniter can build the project without MVC and anyone can place a query without filtering. Now that can make the code unsecured and messy. Unlike CakePHP, CodeIgniter doesn’t follow the ORM technique to query and manipulate data in a database. So it is flexible to work with relational databases.


With MVC approach, data validation is important, which CakePHP incorporates through the model. There is a single test for every field’s variable and a single field can have multiple validations. And defining all the rules within the model is cumbersome for the developers. In CodeIgniter, developers define rules and allocate them to the validation objects. Every data is validated via URL or web form. The validation process is automated by the validation class by displaying error messages for specific fields.


When it comes to components, CakePHP has an Auth component at the core. Developers using CodeIgniter need to identify or create the right tools or plug-ins in spite of FTP and other classes. CodeIgniter is the best in terms of simplicity. Developers can see how things work in this framework. Although coding becomes quicker with CakePHP, developers have to go into the core for a better understanding of how things are working, which sometimes can be daunting.


Scaffolding features work differently for both frameworks. CakePHP scaffolding allows developers to create basic applications to create, read, break links between objects, delete objects, and other data operations. CodeIgniter scaffolding allows developers to conveniently add, edit or delete data from the database. They can also use the keyword in the URL to create a secured scaffolding, which gives it an edge over CakePHP.


CakePHP has a console that allows developers to upgrade the DB schema or generate the code. It is useful for a team of developers working remotely on a project. Thanks to the Bake console in CakePHP, developers can easily create models, controllers and views and build a full-fledged application without spending hours on it. There is no code generation from the console in the CodeIgniter.

Layout and auto functions

Developers leveraging CakePHP face no difficulty implementing footer, header, or sidebar because of the default layout. CodeIgniter creates a layout with the direct approach. The developers’ work becomes easier due to caching mechanism for the view. While there are no auto-functions in CodeIgniter, there are some functions in CakePHP that are auto-executed as long as pre-defined by programmers.

That’s all about CodeIgniter and CakePHP. Did you understand the context where each framework is useful for web development? Do you need further information or any guidance in regards to your upcoming project? Want to hire PHP developer?

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