2017-05-22 13:13:10
What are the Three Most Important Trends in Mobile App Development?

Mobile use has surpassed desktop use a few years ago. The mobile app market is budding like anything. It is the new revolution in the online domain, as it is expected to generate almost 270 billion downloads this year. Whether it is an enterprise, a small business, an individual professional or a government agency, Mobile application development is something that cannot be ignored at any cost.

Here are 3 major trends that will influence this sector at a larger scale than ever before. If you are seeking Mobile app development services, you should be aware of what is going to matter more and how these new technologies can benefit your operations.

1. Augmented & Virtual Reality Integration
Augmented reality and virtual reality have already made debut in many other sectors, but their introduction to the gaming industry was something big. Mobile app games have found AR and VR to be big factors in enhancing popularity. The technology integration into Pokemon Go was a big thing, as the game found worldwide acceptance like never before.

Almost every Mobile app development company out there is looking to integrate these new technologies to provide innovative solutions of their users. If you are going to develop an app, it is possible to integrate AR or VR to enhance your users’ experience.

2. AI will take Things Never Imagined Before
Artificial Intelligence is finding place in both Mobile app development in India and the app features. It is going to improve app development by providing smarter tools. Better quality codes could be written, thus reducing costs and improving app’s performance and quality.

Microsoft has made a development in this department with its Intellisense to help enhance developer experience. AI, machine learning, and cognitive computing are finding increasing application in Mobile application development process and in augmenting mobile apps’ capabilities.

3. Android Instant Apps
Instant App technology is offered in the Mobile app development android environment. With Instant Apps, your users can start using apps instantly without even having to download and install it. All it requires is to tap on the app.

Along with the other two big Mobile app development online trends, this one is going to be part of this revolution in the near future and probably in the long-term too. it has been touted as the “run-only as-you-need” concept. It can mean offering so many advantages to your users:
•    Saves time by eliminating the need to download and install
•    Saves data
•    Requires no storage space on the device
Initially, these apps are mostly offered as preview versions and provide limited or no advanced features. Even when used as previews, these apps can be used to provide valuable insights into your main app’s user experience and features.

The integration of such new technologies is also expected to reduce Mobile app development cost while enhancing features and functionalities. There are many more new developments taking place in the domain, but these three are going to be the big game-changers in the near future. Whatever your organization’s profile, mobile apps can take you to your audience and provide a level of engagement that was never possible before. So make sure to include app development in your overall scheme of promotion and operations.

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