2021-06-22 03:14:04
Why AngularJS is in High Demand?

Present day, the market has witnessed a soaring increase in the count of development frameworks. However, AngularJS has attained the crowing point. An open-source web application framework, AngularJS development helps you to create SPAs (single page applications). The SPAs run smoothly on single web pages, giving a good user experience. When a webpage uses forms, the FormController keeps a tab of their state. The developers control and manage all the information received through the FormController and adjust the HTML elements in the user interface. The pre-built error-handling validation allows the users to design their own validates.

Here are some reasons that explain the popularity of AngularJS development:

Easy to use: Reduced code writing makes it easy for AngularJS developers to create web applications. Unique data models cut down the need to manage the coding complexities. Plus, AngularJS front end developers can simply manage directives across the team in parallel.

MVC architecture: The Model View Controller allows you to bind the application code when creating Angular mobile apps and web applications. This reduces the time and effort to create applications and launch them to the market. The AngularJS models are based on POJO (Plain Old Java Object). Thus it is easy to update and tag on the properties in a simple manner.

Big Community Outreach: AngularJS has a rich community of professional AngularJS developers and experts. The AngularJS front end developers contribute to the community through discussions and updates about the open-source web application development framework. Regular meetings and conferences are organised to share the latest updates about the framework.

Two-way data binding: In case, if there are changes in the user interface, the two-way data binding ensures all the updates are done immediately on both ends. When talking of the changes, it refers to updates in browser events, module changes, and user actions.

Quick Testing: AngularJS testing is quite easy. The AngularJS developers can automate the testing process using the Module Separation Attribute. Also, it is easy to load all the essential services without any hassles.

Extensive Client-side Function: AngularJS works well on both desktop and mobile browsers. It works effectively on the client end, thus it can be used for all sorts of apps.

Modularity: Modularity refers to the ability to create different functional units and then integrate them to create a single application. This robust feature of AngularJS development allows the AngularJS developers to create individual modules. Later all the modules can be integrated to create a complete fully functional web application.

The core idea of AngularJS development focuses on code quality and testability. Despite the steep learning curve of AngularJs, it remains the prime choice of AngularJS developers. Interestingly, features like data binding, reusable components, validation, and less code make it highly popular in the market and the right choice for enterprise development.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, AngularJS offers incredible benefits that make it superior.

What compels you to use AngularJS for creating web applications? We would love to know your thoughts.

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