CMS Development

With our Content Management System, we help clients manage their website content without having knowledge of CMS tools and technologies. Websites developed under our CMS Development portfolio lets you manage the content without any technical help. Mitiz Technologies strive to offer clients fully automated and DIY CMS websites so that they can devote more time to their business operations rather wasting time in managing their online presence.

CMS Development At Mitiz:

A CMS website offers its owner complete control on their website content. Using a CMS interface, one can directly add, update and delete pages, posts, images and multimedia etc. whenever it’s required. At Mitiz, we offer you two types of CMS solutions, first is Standard Open Source CMS Solution and other one is Professional CMS Solution. Our CMS web development covers the following platforms:

  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Drupal CMS Development
  • Joomla CMS Development
  • Typo3 Development
  • CMS Made Simple Development

Key CMS Features:

Our professional CMS Solutions enable businesses run their internal processes efficiently. What we ensure with our services is instant content modifications, improved workflow and boosted productivity. This helps you to bring your business at new heights. Our CMS portfolio covers every business regardless of the size and the capacity. Some of the key features of our CMS websites are:

  • W3C compliant CMS templates
  • Browser based content management
  • Web based content creation and modification
  • Unlimited sections, categories and sub-categories for content organization
  • Multiple languages support
  • User and Group Management for website administration
  • Easy management of media items

Why Mitiz Technologies?

These web applications are developed after complete analysis of your business requirements. With CMS development, Mitiz ensures seamless user-friendliness to let owners and users make the necessary changes in the website without any technical help. Our sound technical knowledge and a well-versed team help us design your business's CMS solutions for maximum competitive advantage.

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