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GlobalView GRC

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Finance ,Finance

The purpose of GlobalView GRC Know Your Customer (KYC) software solution is to collect, retain and manage information that is required as part of the onboarding process and continued management of Customers at financial institutions. Compliance and regulatory requirements to combat money-laundering, tax evasion and terrorist financing are becoming increasingly important. Governments and regulatory authorities are constantly imposing an increasing number of onerous and complex requirements on financial institutions. This requirements mean every financial organization will need to better manage and monitor their Customers on an ongoing basis. Today, many small and mid-sized financial firms are onboarding and managing their Customers using Microsoft Excel and paper-based records. As the demands on them to increase they are required, and in some cases mandated, to update their processes to onboard and manage Customers in a searchable database solution. GlobalView GRC Know Your Customer solution will address this market with a web application which is designed to be hosted internally by each client. This will be done for a number of reasons, including that many small financial firms have strong concerns about confidential their Customer’s information. The client’s internal install will be activated via a License Key which will need to be renewed with GlobalView on an annual basis (12 Month License). An option to host externally and deliver as a true SaaS offering may be an option for the future.

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