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A Guided Website and Mobile App Development Experience With NodeJS Bootcamp

We are a web development and mobile app development company that is constantly aiming to reach to reach newer heights of professional excellence. Our goal is simple – effective business solutions for our clients and at affordable price packages too.

Using open source technologies has been one of our fortes; we have successfully employed open source technologies like Bootcamp node JS and React JS builder to bring desired goals for business apps and websites.

We have been in business for a long time and have built a reputation for using the highest standards of ethics when it comes to software development.

Our credentials include the finest testimonials of our clients and the awards that we have received as a recognition of our services.

Our Services

Mitiz Technologies offers a broad range of services that are designed to make your business grow through all mediums of social media and online platforms.

We aspire to be a one-stop company where your search for business solutions ends.

  • Website development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • React App Builder
  • NodeJS Bootcamp
Industry Solutions

We have a wide range of industry-based solutions that cater to various operations and functions within the organizations. This helps in the seamless management of departments.

  • eCommerce solutions
  • data management
  • HR payroll solutions
  • Software maintenance and upgrades
  • Kiosk management
  • Dentistry managements
  • Recruitment outsourcing
  • Resource hiring management
Open Source Technologies

There is a great demand for the use of open source technologies in recent years. At Mitiz Technologies we have specialized in their implementation to bring forth desired results in websites and mobile applications.

  • The use of NodeJS Bootcamp helps in the faster streaming of data; there is better handling of client and server communications. Bootcamp Node JS is very effective when it is implemented for the purpose of code re-use.
  • React JS Builder is very effective for heavy traffic handling on streaming applications. It is also useful for API and Real-time app development processes.
  • Angular JS is used for Single Page Application or SPA. This is very effective for the development of customized mobile apps.
  • Another popular available resource is Laravel. this is very useful for eCommerce solutions and CRM software. Web applications are highly customizable with the use of this resource.
  • Drupal is your perfect website and eCommerce site solution. Various customized features and solutions are available with this that can make a website or an app cater to your business requirement specifically.
  • WordPress is one of the most popular and highly recommended open resource technologies. This is most effective for all kinds of the content management system of a website.

At Mitiz we bring you all the options available to ensure that you have a mobile application and a website that is well equipped with all features and functions needed for a specific sphere of business.

The Team

We are a team at Mitiz and we excel in our work. Here you will meet with experience and the brilliance of new and fresh ideas at work in a cohesive manner. This helps us to reach our goals successfully and add a list of happy clients to our credit.

We understand the need to build strong relationships with client companies that will be mutually beneficial for both. The process of building eCommerce websites and mobile applications is a continuous one that needs to be upgraded with more user-friendly features.

We are here to provide that constant support and technological upgrades to help your business grow and likewise grow within our company as well.

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