2021-09-30 20:45:43
Best React Libraries and Frameworks that Boost ReactJS Application Development

React is an open-source JavaScript library that offers you an intuitive interface to create complex web and mobile applications. It has components that are standalone fragments of code.

The React components are modular which allows you to reuse the components to create intuitive applications.

Here is a list of top React libraries and frameworks that’ll help you create sophisticated UI’s:

Redux: Redux integrates with React and other frameworks. It is a state management JavaScript library that allows you to connect all the components. Redux eliminates the need to use props and call-backs.

Evergreen : Evergreen is a group of React components that helps you create ReactJS application development for enterprise levels.

Some of the top features of Evergreen include colors, icons, layouts, typography, file uploads, dropdowns, and feedback indicators.

Once you install the Evergreen package, you can easily select the components that you need.

Belle: Belle is a React UI component library that comes with a rich variety of components. To use Belle, create an application. Next, import the Belle component that you want and start using it.

It is possible to personalise the React components in two ways. You can customise them either collectively or individually. The React components are compatible with ARIA and mobiles.

Onsen UI: Onsen UI is React based development framework that helps you create cross-platform mobile applications.

It works using JavaScript and HTML5. OnSen UI works well on Android and iOS and is compatible with Vue.JS, Angular, and other React framework. You get access to a tutorial that helps you learn how to work on the tool.

Rebass: Rebass contains eight extensible and themeable components that help you create intuitive web applications.

You can use these components to extend custom React UI components for ReactJS mobile app development.

Ant Design for React: The Ant Design for React is a React UI library that includes high-grade components for designing appealing UIs. It offers a bunch of components such as icons, buttons, pagination, buttons, grids, dropdown menus, and breadcrumb. You can personalise these components the way you want.

Ant Design for React offers you support for multiple languages.

React Admin: React Admin is state management software that helps you create B2B mobile applications and REST/GraphQL APIs.

React Admin comes with a free and enterprise version. The enterprise version allows you access to the private modules and offers support from Marmelab.

Shards React: Shards React is an open-source component library that works on Shards. It features a dynamic React UI Kit that helps you create robust mobile applications.

You can easily personalise the source code file to update the code and manipulate things. Shards React offers support for Fontawesome icons and Material.

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