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FAQs About ReactJS Application Development

Are you a web developer planning to use React for your upcoming project? Do you have any queries related to React? This post covers all the frequently asked questions related to ReactJs development.

What is ReactJs?

ReactJs is a Javascript library used to create web apps and websites. It helps developers create interactive user interfaces. ReactJs is open source and is maintained by Facebook, developers and companies from across the globe.

React is quite fast due to Virtual DOM or document object model that helps manipulate HTML elements and reduces the time required to update a page.

Is ReactJs a Library or a Framework?

Well, Jordan Walke - the creator of ReactJs calls it a library and not a framework. React is a library used to create UI components for your applications and edit those created earlier with HTML. Even though the developer creates the structure, ReactJs is still opinionated about how to do certain things like Flux specification, GraphQL specification, etc.

Talking about React Native, it is a cross-platform mobile framework that uses React to build user interfaces for Android & iOS.

When do You Need ReactJs?

You need React to built -

  • * Real-time apps development
  • * Heavy-data applications/ websites
  • * Building APIs
  • * Streaming applications to handle traffic spikes
What Language(s) is React Made of?

React is a Javascript library. But, ReactJs developers can choose to use JSX or Javascript eXtension to build UI components. React can also be integrated with other languages such as ReactJS.NET to use in C# applications.

Which Companies Use Reactjs Application Development?
  • * Facebook
  • * Instagram
  • * Netflix
  • * Microsoft
  • * Whatsapp
  • * Dropbox
  • * Airbnb
Does React Need Any Additional Setup?

You have to install React library along with other packages like webpack and babel and configurations to get a complete React development environment. For simple projects, you can skip installing these packages, but not for larger projects.

Can React Be Added to an Existing Project?

Yes. Once you set up React on your system, you need to add the react and react-dom script tags to your existing HTML code.

The next step is to call the Javascript file containing the component you created with a script tag and then place a div tag with the component name as its id, where you want the React component placed.

Do you know React also supports full use of Hot Module Reloading? It means you can update your application without reloading the page.

How to Host React Applications?

You can host your ReactJs app on Netlify, Github Pages, Heroku and others. If you are dealing with dynamic sites, then you may consider Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and similar solutions. Before hosting you need to decide whether you want to make your website-

  • * Client-side rendered
  • * Server-side rendered (this is good for SEO)
  • * Prerendered

Even though React apps are by default made to be client-side rendered, the library supports all three rendering methods. Please note that server-side application is not a good idea if most of your webpages are accessible behind login pages and it is better to opt for a client-side rendered website.

What are the Advantages of ReactJs Mobile Development?
  • * Virtual DOMs make React apps faster
  • * Availability of tools and libraries like - state management tools, type checking, formatting, authentication
  • * Good support for server-side rendering of websites
  • * Can reuse previously composed components
  • * React is a library, no worry about framework-specific code
What are the Disadvantages of ReactJs Development?
  • Hard to follow the pace of development due to continuous improvement in Framework
  • * JSX or Javascript extension can be hard to learn
  • * The framework doesn’t define how to structure the app
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