2021-10-22 02:02:20
How to Hire a React Native Developer?

When a business owner plans to hire a React native developer, many questions come across to decide like what and how much should be evaluated. Hiring the right React Development Company or a developer is not a tough task but your approach should be correct to utilize the correct tools and technology.

The candidate should qualify the requirements, associated with the React app builder. First of all, you must spare sufficient time in understanding the overall concept of React. React Native is a JavaScript framework for native app development. The greater part of the codes can be shared between the platforms and thus, it enables cross-platform app development. Therefore, when you hire a React developer, you will be able to develop an iOS app and an Android app. The developers streamline the entire development process. React Native includes a mixture of JavaScript. These applications can access features like user’s location etc.

An experienced, as well as innovative React development company, will deliver amazing products. The development team should possess some specifically required skills –

JavaScript knowledge

Before you hire a React native developer, you need to ensure that the person has in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. They must have all the information about cross-platform mobile app development and they should know how to collect all the components to build the best structure. Each logic and service should be placed perfectly in the pre-defined flow of the content.

Hard skills

There is a thin line between a developer and an expert developer. The developer should have outstanding knowledge about React app builder, which is also known as the hard skills of app development. It is not only about learning the React Native app development but also about better implementations of the same. Better to better implementations enhance the knowledge and skills both.

iOS and Android app development

You must hire a React developer who has a great and strong background in Android and iOS development. A skilled developer knows how to differentiate and develop applications for both platforms. Most developers will be friendly with the technologies; a better app will be developed.

React assumptions

There are a few concepts of React Native or React app builder that the developer must know. JSX and Virtual DOM-like concepts are common ones to be adopted by the developers. The applicants must have these details and correct React assumptions to begin with the development.

Tech tools

Of course, none can claim that he or she knows all the technical tools and technologies related to React app development. But if you are hiring a React developer who knows the maximum of the tools and techniques, it is a great plus size. Some such tools are Enzyme and Redux etc that you can ask for.

Code clarity

When you hire a React native developer, it is expected that the codes are prompted correctly. The development team should create a readable source code that can be maintained easily. There should be a consistent approach in code writing to make it comprehensive.

As per the experience of React native developers, the skills keep increasing. Here are a few points to be focused upon –

1. Setting up integration and delivery

2. Integrating the native libraries and frameworks into the application

3. Participating in research and discussing the ideas

4. Sharing the architectural solution

5. Building the effective workflow

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