2021-11-01 01:54:05
How to Streamline ReactJS Development?

When a ReactJS developer develops a mobile app, the aim is to get the fastest and best-performing solution. You must have the right combination of tools and functionalities for ReactJS development. Firstly, we need to understand that it doesn’t bring fascination to mobile app development. It is here to make the development process easier. ReactJS application development is quick to build an appealing and interactive User Interface.

ReactJS mobile development includes amazing components that help to create reusable as well as isolated building blocks to help in developing further applications. As one of the oldest development technologies, JavaScript has covered a larger aspect of the development world. Front-end JavaScript frameworks have given great comfort to developers. All they need to know is to streamline them well for the overall ReactJS Development –

1. StoryBook and Styleguidist

When it comes to rapid UI development, both tools work great for ReactJS application development. StoryBook and Styleguisist are fabulous tools for speeding the ReactJS mobile development. Storybook is a rapid development environment for UI components. React Styleguidist is a component development environment and a living style guide.

StoryBook shows a components states whereas Styleguidist includes the perfection in demos and documentations. StoryBook allows you to write stories in JavaScript and shows one variation of a component at one time. On the flip side, Styleguidist lets you write examples in Markdown files and it shows multiple variations of different components.

2. Bit

The bit is one of the most powerful tools of ReactJS development. It lets you create your own React components. The scalable platform enables easy collaboration in one place. It further takes care of different repositories for various app components. Bit also helps to discover suitable components for the React App requirements. One can also get a preview of each component. You can use and reuse the different parts of the app. You can also customize the pre-built environment as your choice and selection.

The bit is the platform for collaboration on atomic components. It lets you isolate and share the reusable components. You can discover things more certainly and update them from any project. Bit works with GitHub and NPM both to publish and install the components easily. It empowers each ReactJS developer to reuse the shared code and create a reusable ‘Lego box’ of their components.

3. devTools

React devTools and Redux devTools are important aspects of overall ReactJS application development. ReactdevTool is available as a Firefox Add-On and the extension allows you to inspect the hierarchies of React components in the Chrome Developer Tools. You can navigate through your component hierarchy tree meanwhile you can edit component props. You can use the extension’s search bar to find and inspect the components easily as well as quickly.

Redux devTool is a Firefox Add-On and Chrome extension. It is a development time package to provide power-ups for Redux Development workflow. You can inspect every state and re-evaluate staged actions. Redux DevTools Extension can be integrated with any architecture. In ReactJS development, the logging User Interface can be customized as a React component.

4. React Boilerplates

React boilerplate is a template by Max Stoiber that offers a kick-start to your React applications. A ReactJS developer includes it by keeping the performance and scalability in mind. Components, routes, containers, and selectors, etc are collected perfectly. React boilerplate seeks well-seasoned developers for building production-ready applications.

ReactJS mobile development gives more air to mobile applications. Mitiz Technologies ensures more success for your business by considering each constrain carefully. Streamlining the ReactJS development is necessary to speed up the overall process and make it more suitable for the applications and that is what we do. On the other hand, it depends upon the professionalism and skills of our developers as well, how they deal with the codes and tricks.

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