2021-11-24 22:10:00
Why Does React Native Excel?

Mobile application development is a big task for business owners. It is imperative to choose the right development framework that aligns with the project requirements. React Native is one such platform that helps you design applications of your choice.

When we talk about User Interface and User Experience, React Native takes the top position. The native app development allows the creator to design two versions of applications for Android and iOS.

The cross-platform capability of React Native enables the developers to create one application and deploy the same code for iOS and Android.

Let’s have a brief look at the features of React Native:

Open-Source Community Support: React Native is supported by Facebook. The framework has a dedicated community along with a plethora of documentation and resources. You can even consult online experts if you are stuck somewhere.

Pre-Built Components: React Native features a rich library of pre-built components which can be used by the developers to create custom solutions. This eliminates the need to create code for simple functions, thereby improving efficiency.

Native Look and Feel: The React Native framework enables web developers to embed the platform-specific modules in the applications to deliver a seamless user experience (native mobile apps).

This capability is noticed by the users and helps to retain the users for a long.

Modern Architecture: React Native follows the modular programming architecture. This architecture breaks down the program into individual modules.

The developers can easily update the individual functions. It is possible to copy and reuse the modules as required.

The modular architecture streamlines the development phase making it highly flexible.

Declarative Code: React Native deploys declarative code which tells the program what it needs to do. The code doesn’t emphasise the approach or method.

The developers can easily write declarative code. It also proves helpful when different developers work simultaneously on a project.

Rich Libraries: React Native is packed with extensive libraries that aim to enhance the functionality and simplify the reactive development phase. You get libraries for almost everything you can think of. Some examples are type checking, state management, and security testing. The developers can also use the JavaScript libraries if they are looking for something else.

Even though React is a great cross-platform tool, it has some limitations. Some of them are:

  • * Regular Updates
  • * Requires supplementary Native code
  • * Complex UIs

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