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Key Features of Digital Kiosk System Application Enhancing Customer Experience

We are living in a fast-paced world where things change drastically. Evolution is necessary to improve technology and its applications in day-to-day life. Whether it be banking, hospitality, or the healthcare sector, the industries are evolving quickly to align to the needs of the customers and users. The custom digital kiosk system application is the ideal instance of customer-friendly functionality.

What is kiosk software?

Kiosk software is a self-service tool that allows automatic interaction with clients or customers. It makes the actions easier including

  • Order placement
  • Payments
  • Photo printing
  • Ticket booking
  • Cash withdrawal

And the list of services goes on. It is the best way to achieve a high user satisfaction rate without adding significantly to the customer service costs.

However, when you approach a software development company like Mitiz Technologies you will have the assurance that we know the features that can enhance the functionality of your kiosk software.

Explaining the architecture

You can well apprehend that the architecture of the kiosk software will change depending on the purpose and functionality of the particular application. A banking kiosk software will be quite different from the one from which the customers can book movie tickets.

The key elements of our typical kiosk solutions involve:

  • Controller software
  • Client-side application

We have to apply the right logic to develop the perfect interactive software that won't make the user perceive at any point that some artificial and automated system is handling all the requests and generating the response. It will be more like interacting with a human from your company’s side.

Both the parts of the software can run on a single device with high processing power, like a Mac computer, a kiosk unit, etc. The Kiosk Software Development Solution can independently handle all the customer requests and establish a secure connection with the cloud server for processing the requests as in the case of the banking kiosks. Cloud communication is essential for uploading the activity reports from the kiosk software or uploading the error logs in the cloud database. The kiosk administrators usually use the cloud-based kiosk management software for maintenance work too.

Key features

Our team of developers usually divides the kiosk software features into basic groups:

  • Security
  • Operational service
  • Maintenance

Any Digital Kiosk System Application will have a few common features under these modules that we are going to discuss now.

1. Security and maintenance features

It is one of the most important parts of the application as it hosts a number of features to protect the data from hacking and other errors.

  • There is a kiosk lockdown software that will limit the user’s interaction with the kiosk to some predefined actions.
  • Restriction in web browsing limits the available internet resources.
  • User session reset involves an automatic reset of system status that will erase the session history after individual user sessions.
  • Data logging includes sending records to the cloud database for kiosk administrators.

Remote maintenance is necessary to monitor the health of the Kiosk Software Development Solution. Thus, security is a prime focus.

2. Operational features

These are of immense importance for enhancing the user experience.

  • Information and media display
  • Sensitive touch-screen input for interaction and e-signatures.
  • Physical keyboard input using basic control buttons like OK or Cancel.
  • Automatic onsite printing as a confirmation of the service.

The Digital Kiosk System Application will be appropriate f all these features are present.

3. Service features

When a customer is at the kiosk, service matters the most.

  • Quick billing including payment processing
  • Cash disbursal when the customer uses bank details
  • Placing orders
  • Booking tickets

For Kiosk Software Development Solution, contact Mitiz technologies at +17865676633 or infor@mitiztchnologies.com for an elaborate discussion about the nature of kiosk software that you want.

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